Why Thermoplastic Coating?

Leisure Craft's outdoor furniture is covered in a copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating. Thermoplastic is environmentally safe. The coating will not fade, crack, peel, warp, or discolor for the life of the product. Thermoplastic has the best adhesion rate of any other process. This keeps the metal base free of any corrosion possibilities. Thermoplastic is applied at a thickness of 25-30 mils. This allows maximum protection with the best possible surface. Thermoplastic can be easily repaired. Cuts are repaired by heating the affected area with an industrial heat gun. The thermoplastic will melt and rebind itself. The properties of thermoplastic also make spray painting difficult for vandals. Simply wash product with a standard industrial cleaner.

Thermoplastic on steel
The thermoplastic coating is placed over galvanized steel for the longevity of the product furnishings.
Spray Paint on surface Spray On WD-40 tm Wipe off paint Clean Surface
If spray paint is applied to the thermoplastic coating, it is very easy to remove using a common aerosol. Simply spray WD-40™ on the offending graffiti. ...and watch as the dried paint is quickly eliminated from the thermoplastic surface. It's simple and SAFE!

WD-40™ is a registered trademark of the WD-40 Company

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